Job Prospect

1. Job Opportunities for Civil Engineering Graduates

Civil Engineering are needed all over the world in many roles, from the small number in research and development to the more usual design, management and control positions. There is an increasing national demand for civil engineers especially in the construction, highways, airports, dams environmental monitoring and other sectors. The graduate may also gain employment as research scientists working for research and consultancy in universities or other related organization.

2. Job Opportunities for Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Graduates

Mechanical engineering is a uniquely broad profession. It provides challenging career opportunities in field as diverse as power generation, automotive and aerospace technology, machine tools and robotics, bioengineering and the food, chemical and oil industries. Mechanical engineers work in design, research and development, consultancy, manufacturing, marketing and operations of technical and managerial expertise. Whereas, manufacturing engineers are employed in key positions in a wide range of industries. They are experts in designing and managing the essential systems necessary for successful industrial and business enterprises and they work, to improve productivity, in terms of availability, quality and costs of products or services supplied to customers, which amalgamate, technology, management and human resources.

3. Job Opportunities for Electrical and Electronic Engineering Graduates

* Job Opportunities for Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering Graduates

Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering continues to be a growing industry, as indicated by the current demand for graduates. The programme courses are designed to qualify students for all branches of the profession and for careers in a wide range of industries electrical energy productions, electrical equipment design and manufacture, electrical drives and power electronics, information technology, electronics hardware and software, automation, robotics and control, communications, radio and television, computer engineering, solid-state devices, microelectronics and VLSI.

* Job Opportunities for Electronic and Computer Engineering Graduates

Wide employment opportunity in any organization which utilize or involve in information technology industry such as software and computer component design, electronics instrumentation manufacturing and computer networking for information transmission.

4. Job Opportunities for Chemical Engineering Graduates

The programme has been designed as such that the graduates from this programme can embark their careers not limited to chemical engineering processing industry only. The graduates are also capable to participate in other related industries such as power generation, environmental engineering to a more specific research career in academic institutions. The integration and emphasis in energy sustainability will enable the graduates to effectively compete in a highly competitive job market nowadays.