Industrial Training


The Faculty is responsible for the development, monitoring, improvement and innovation of industry training program offered by the Faculty. The industry training program is a dynamic platform designed to provide undergraduates from all ICT disciplines with hands-on experience within the ICT-related industry.Industrial training is conducted to achieve these objectives:

  • Expose students to practice, problems and challenges of real work and as a source of reference;
  • Produces outstanding graduates who are open minded, innovative, effective communicators, and competitive;
  • Shape a positive attitude towards the field of employment options in the market;
  • Encourage graduates of UNIMAS to consider permanent job opportunities in the relevant agencies in the future;
  • Provide experience for the students to learn problem solving techniques encountered during work, and to be able to contribute valuable ideas to the organization;
  • Create awareness among industries, government, and private organizations of the abilities and potentials of UNIMAS graduates.
  • The minimal time frame required to undergo industrial training is ten (10) weeks, during the Seventh Semester for Engineering Programs.