Oil Palm Shell: Lightweight concrete and Structures

Book name: Oil Palm Shell: Lightweight concrete and Structures

Publisher: NOVA Science Inc., USA

Price; USD 230

Main feature of this book: 

The approaches mentioned in this book is useful for researchers, oil palm industry, construction industry, practitioners etc. Oil palm industry will generate additional revenue through value added products namely high density plank, lightweight concrete etc. using the downstream solid wastes as discharged from Oil palm mill. The particle board industry may look into high-density plank production. The researchers through this book will enhance knowledge for the investigation. The precast SIConSofa as water seepage drain and retaining wall system is useful for municipality and housing development sectors in reducing mosquito breeding ground. This book brings business opportunity for the precast industry on new types of precast products as cost-efficiency. The marine ecotourism sector may look into using full precast structural components for the resort construction.