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"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." -- Benjamin Franklin.

Alumni Relations & Communication Unit

Alumni Relations and Communication unit was newly established under Student Affairs and Alumni Division (SAAD) which its operation started in March 2009. Prior to this Alumni unit is managed by Student Development Centre (SDC).The purpose of establishing this unit is to create a strong communication networking by promoting an excellent collaboration among UNIMAS alumni community and UNIMAS citizens.
Main function of this unit is to facilitate alumni by providing services with aspire to build a life long networking by connecting all alumni nationwide and acts as their gateway for various opportunities to contribute in various forms in support of UNIMAS to meet its excellence target.

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UNIMAS Convocation 2014

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Mentor Mentee

The Faculty of Engineering aims to produce high quality engineering graduates with good attributes. In order to achieve this, the Faculty established a Mentor-Mentee system that offers services such as student consultation with academic members. The main objectives of Mentor-Mentee system are;

  • to help students improve their potential in academic matters
  • to assist the students build self-development holistically
  • to guide the students in taking steps to achieve their future career

Through this system, each academic staff, as a Mentor, will be assigned a few students to become their Mentees. The Mentors will monitor their Mentees’ academic performance while at the same time give consultation to the Mentees on any issues especially related to their study. Since Mentors are not qualified as professional counselors, they are not expected to give the best advice and solution to the problems, but they can be the closest advisors to their Mentees. For serious cases, the Mentor can always refer their Mentee to the counseling unit in the university.

The Mentees must never be afraid to approach their Mentors and also, each Mentors must never neglect their Mentees. Mutual cooperation is what we need to make this system a success.

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Faculty of Engineering Sports, Recreation and Welfare Club (FENG CLUB)

Faculty of Engineering Sports , Recreation and Welfare Club (FENG Club) is officially registered with The Registry of Societies Malaysia (ROS). The registration number is NSID-046-10022015. For clarification, all Faculty of Engineering staffs are automatically members of Faculty of Engineering Sports , Recreation and Welfare Club (FENG Club).

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Engineering Postgraduate Student Association (EPSA)

To provide conducive research environment for the development of skills as a state of art researcher and promote harmony among postgraduate students.

  • To strengthen the relationship between the academic staffs, management staffs and the Engineering postgraduate students.
  • To acquaint the Engineering postgraduate students with information related to research in Engineering.
  • To provide academic development for Engineering postgraduate students.
  • To provide recreational and developmental activities for Engineering postgraduate students.
  • To care for the welfare of Engineering postgraduate students.

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IEM-SAFE UNIMAS Student Section

IEM-SAFE UNIMAS Student Section is one of the prestigious club in UNIMAS which leads the members to attain a professionalism status in engineering. This club served as connecting bridge between IEM-SAFE UNIMAS Student Member and IEM, Malaysia.

About IEM-SAFE UNIMAS Student Section
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Engineering Club UNIMAS

Engineering Club UNIMAS

Student Association of Faculty Engineering (SAFE)

The Student Association of Faculty Engineering (SAFE) is the official campus organization that represents faculty students of engineering in UNIMAS and was registered with BHEP UNIMAS. SAFE made up of an elected body of students who oversee issues related to the faculty of engineering UNIMAS.

Role of SAFE:

  • 1. Unite and bonding all the student from different department in faculty of Engineering.
  • 2. Fight for the right as a undergraduate student of faculty Engineering UNIMAS.
  • 3. A medium between student with top management of faculty.
  • 4. Explore and enrich student with various type of experiences and knowledge through activities.
  • 5. Bridging and link student to industrial network and external organizations..


  • 1. To train and accentuate leadership talent.
  • 2. To strengthen the bond between students and lecturers.
  • 3. To expose student towards relevant information in engineering for every department as well as to enhance academic quality.
  • 4. Gives opportunity to students from engineering department to take part actively through activity.
  • 5. To apply and receive financial supports and others contribution to achieve objective and vision of organization.
  • 6. Upholding student’s right in Faculty of Engineering as long as it does not opposed the ethics - of university or the UNDANG-UNDANG MALAYSIA Akta 30-Akta Universiti Dan Kolej Universiti, 1971 for importance and benefit to student.
SAFE Achievement and Coming Projects
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